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Best interview Based English Magazine Bhubaneswar Odisha

Your success story in fashion industry has inspired many. How does it feel ? 
As an Odia, I feel proud to have got my state on the global fashion map. The love and support of people towards my work has always inspired me to work hard.
Did you always aspired to become a fashion designer ?
It wasn’t something I had planned to become but yes, growing up, I was always fascinated by art, culture & fashion and watched ramp shows on TV. Being from the ‘Meher’ community, I’ve closely seen how Sambalpuri handloom was being
made and got inspired to explore the world of fashion. I was never really interested for a corporate job.
When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer ?
Under parental pressure, I took up engineering in Chennai but second year into the course, I left engineering studies to pursue my dreams ! It was during those days that I got an opportunity to do a fashion show for my college. I won the contest and
realized my true potential in fashion. Eventually, I applied for NIFT Bangalore and got through with a good rank. I’m grateful to my parents Santosh Meher and Tanuja Meher for  being a pillar of support throughout. You had a brief stint in Bollywood.
Tell us about that. Every fashion designer dreams to work for Bollywood but I had some other plans in mind. I got a chance
to work for Eros International as an assistant designer for movie ‘Raanjhanaa’. Though it was a learning phase for me, I realized that I wasn’t given enough creative space  to work. Hence, I left the production house soon and started my own label
‘Tilottama’ in 2012.
What was the thought behind ‘Tilottama’ ?
Tilottama was named after my grandmother to promote our art, handloom and textile globally. It gave me a platform to create an affordable clothing line for all budgets so that everyone can wear my label.
You are known to be a fearless fashion designer who loves to experiment. What inspires you while creating your designs ?
I‘ve always been fascinated by the detailing works of weavers and artisans! I’ve grown up watching them at work in my hometown. So I try to incorporate some of those elements in my creations. I love experimenting using Odisha handlooms and fabrics like Maniabandha, Sambalpuri, Ikkat & applique works of Pipli with western wear.

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