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Sundeep Pradhan: When Passion meets Vision

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Meet the man who defies all odds- the one who is blessed with an uncanny ability to map out a vision for decades even in his teens. That time is not for building visions when most kids in their adolescence would still be obsessed with cracking knotty exams and moulding careers and jobs.

Sundeep Pradhan stands out as an exception who never succumbed to circumstances and stood above the clutter. This well known management professional who has worked in the best of conglomerates ranging from Tata Steel to Ambuja Cement and handled plum overseas assignments, feels that the time has come to pay back to his soil. Pradhan hails from Pallahara, small, nondescript town in industrially relevant Angul district. And, he is only in his 30s. The passion to serve and the bug of service has struck him early. Pradhan has already contested one election as an independent MLA candidate. In his constituency, he has earned the reputation of a young, intellectually oriented and capable leader. His credible leadership is the talk of the town. Pradhan has struck a remarkable rapport with the young voters who are disillusioned with the lack of development in the area. They look up to Pradhan as a leader who can usher in progress and prosperity. He has been well accepted in the constituency and is slowly emerging as a household name- the defining feature of an evolving leader in the waiting.

Pradhan’s achievements have been no flash in the pan. Over a stretch of time, he has worked assiduously to initiate a string of achievements to uplift the poor and the deprived. Introduction of free ambulance services has not only come to the rescue of the ailing but also proved to an employment spinner for the dejected youths. Pradhan realises to do something out of the box gives you the X Factor and so, the edge in politics. He is of the conviction that service should not be offered in bits and pieces- whoever serves needs to go the whole hog. “You can give food to the beggar for a day or two, provide temporary shelter to the homeless but people feel empowered only when they have access to education and employment”. He firmly banks on education and employment to script the story of change. “My foray into politics is to bring betterment to the people of my constituency”.

Pradhan says he has been a witness to the precarious condition of his constituency. In the absence of major fund flow from the government, development has eluded Pallahara area, feels he. “Politics is the only platform where you can voice your opinion and fight for your rights. This vocation gives you the opportunity where your voice reaches the policy makers”, he adds.

He graduated with a management degree from the premier B school- Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB). Despite working for some prestigious corporate, Pradhan responded early to the calling in his life. ‘Time has come to pay back to my soil. I am here to serve my constituency and will serve it whole heartedly till my last breath.”

Pradhan is unruffled by which political party gives him the ticket to contest the elections. What counts the most is the development of his constituency.

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  1. Palalahara wants the real hero like sundeep Pradhan as a leader for rural development

  2. Naba Kishore Subudhi

    Sandeep babu ,Agebadho, Lokanka asha akankshya Ku puran kariparibe kebala apananka bhali young generate mane Abe samay asichi netrutwa nebar,be success,Jay Jagannath,Subh Sandhya. Naba Bhai Journalist.BBSR

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