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By Subhojit Panda

Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. This, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. In today’s era where precision holds the key to a successful business, the health care industry has increasingly sought help of big data analytics to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. Patient records, health plans, insurance information and other types of information can be very tedious to manage but with big data analytics, the realm of healthcare system has undergone a sea change. This has created an ideal platform for the players to exert their presence in changing the way the healthcare sector is being seen today. One such player is AcesoCloud which is leading the charge in the global healthcare data analytics market. Helmed by Puri-born entrepreneur Mohar Manohar Mishra (co-founder of AcesoCloud), the company has been instrumental in transforming the current healthcare landscape into one that is affordable, sustainable and informed, and all through big data analytics.

Hailing from a humble background, Mohar spent his childhood in Benaras for few years before returning to Kendrapada to complete his education. Growing up, he was always interested in music and cricket and aspired to make a career in music. But he was never really encouraged to pursue it. His father was a Physics teacher and wanted his son to solely focus on studies.

Mohar was exceptionally well at public speaking which, he confesses, helped him a lot subsequently. “I regularly took part in debate competitions at school and won many prizes. I always took the lead when it came to public speaking which I believe played a vital role in shaping my professional career,” he recounts.

Following his father’s footsteps, he completed graduation in Physics from Ravenshaw University in Cuttack in 1997. Since the IT and software industry was beginning to evolve those days, Manohar pursued MCA at Utkal University. In 2000, he went to Bangalore in search of a job. Further, he joined an IT firm as a project trainee. “My first job experience was immensely rewarding. Though I was completely new to the IT world, I found myself competing pretty well with others. I was not only technically sound but also good at presentations,” says he.

Subsequently, Mohar worked for different software companies before he plunged into the world of entrepreneurship in 2009. “In 2009, I came to Bhubaneswar to attend a family engagement. I somehow fell in love with the city and felt it had a promising future in software technology. I met my mentor and expressed my desire to start something in Bhubaneswar. By then, I was already a successful software product developer,” he reminisces. Soon he joined forces with his mentor and founded a software company named Silicon TechLab in 2009.

The company started off with seven employees then. Recalling the initial challenges, he says, “The initial three to four years were very challenging for us. Since most of our time was spent in developing software products, arranging funds was a major obstacle. So we had to lay hands on several other projects for our survival. Touchwood, we had the support of family, staffs and employees that helped us sail through the hardships.”

Subsequently, one of the software products developed by Mohar caught the fancy of a US-based firm and he formed the company AcesoCloud along with Prabhat Rout. Headquartered in California, the company makes extensive use of cloud-based operations to transform the healthcare environment with intuitive technology and advisory services. It has the ability to effectively utilize big data for clinical integration, predictive analytics and business intelligence. The company’s analytics solutions then translate data into meaningful insights. It has been successful in improving patient care and providing greater value to clients in U.S. Besides healthcare industry, AcesoCloud has also been able to equip the insurance sector with its big data analytics technologies. Interestingly, the company’s name (Aceso) takes its inspiration from the Greek mythology as Aceso was the Greek Goddess of the healing process.

While the company has a strong foothold in U.S., Mohar has no plans to venture into the Indian market. The U.S. market is, he says, ever-evolving and promising. This is the driving factor for the company to not look beyond the U.S. market. He feels that the data analytics is a relatively new concept here and it will take another decade for the concept to thrive in the Indian market.

Mohar is content that AcesoCloud belongs to a rare species of Indian companies working in this domain. “Most of the clients are of the view that we are operating out of California with a handpicked workforce from IITs or MITs. It is a matter of pride that we are based out of Bhubaneswar and backed by a skilled and professional team,” he proudly said adding that even after healthcare data analytics implementation, the company continually monitors outcomes so it can ensure that the data analytics solution is working properly.

Some of the top organizations in the world believe in making work fun and one of the ways of ensuring it is by creating a recreational area for employees. This not only enhances productivity but also reduces the attrition rate in the organization, ultimately benefiting the business’s performance. Keeping this in mind, Mohar has designed a separate recreational space in his office that allows employees and staffs to relax for a few minutes. “A happy workforce is a more productive workforce. This inspired me to come up with a dedicated recreational zone in the office to help employees get through stressful and mundane times. We have a table-tennis board and several musical instruments that our employees use to unleash their talent and unwind.”

Notwithstanding his busy schedule, Mohar still finds time to pursue music and cricket. He is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and often partakes in jamming sessions with friends during the weekends. Also, he owns a cricket team, Clouds XI that finished second best at the recently-concluded Corporate Premier League.

Mohar is confident that his company will surge ahead despite the stiff competition in the future. “As of now, I am primarily focusing on two aspects. First, we are working on a model to genuinely reduce the healthcare costs. The current American health care is out of control. And a lot more money goes to planning, regulating and managing medical services at the administrative level. Hence we are mulling to address this issue very soon. Second, I want to set an example by providing a better workplace for my employees. No matter how big or small a business is, employees are a company’s greatest asset. So my focus would be on creating a lighter work environment that will keep the work stress levels at bay and productivity high,” he signs off.

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