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“Building on Trust to Deliver”

Building on Trust to Deliver | The Best Interview based English Magazine

Over a stretch of time, you might not be tempted to buy a housing plot or duplex. Quite disturbingly, the real estate market in Odisha lost its sheen. Builders’ credibility came under the scanner. A few promoters though have surged on the back of their reputation and growing market share. The goodwill earned by this clutch of real estate developers between 2009 and 2012 elevated the industry again. There was a mushrooming of housing properties in and around Bhubaneswar. As serious promoters expanded their operations and garnered the trust of customers, it also slammed the door on fly by night operators with a record for swindling gullible people. A few of such tainted owners are even serving jail terms.

But what has struck us the most is the huge billboards of Sri Jagannath Builders dangling across Bhubaneswar. With ample goodwill, the developer is offering new condominiums to the people- especially for the wannabe first time home buyers. The man steering the vision is Mr Pradipta Kumar Biswasroy. We dropped to his office on a cordial invite. What ensued was a free-wheeling chat on the contemporary real estate market. We were mighty impressed by the man’s intriguing knowledge on the sector and his ethics. It’s over to Mr Biswaroy to take guard and build the narrative for our readers:-

To sustain a real estate brand in Odisha is not easy as it seems. Look, I am truly a housing promoter and not another business owner. I have not come here to become an overnight millionaire by selling some housing projects. I am here to serve the best housing schemes to my hard earned buyers for their dream home in a lifetime. At the same time, I have to make bread and butter out of serving them.

My father used to advise me that a home is laced with profound sacrifice of any buyer in his/her lifetime- therefore you shouldn’t play with their emotions and trust. Rather, get blessed by justifying their expectations in setting up their coveted house. Since then, I have never looked back as a promoter decade after decade owning trust of my beloved buyers. Today, I have been honoured to discharge my responsibilities sensibly.

My grooming was spartan- strict nonetheless. Mother solemnly followed the concept of ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’. Hence, she never allowed me a cushy life. This explains why I never turned over ambitious and abhorred greed.

The legacy of values passed on from my life to business. And, it occurred seamlessly. Today, I’m content with my Innova. I’m not ruffled by promoters in my fraternity whizzing past streets in swanky cars and leading a lavish lifestyle. When I started off a housing project developer, I carried the same idea.

A trip down the memory lane reminds me of being the first entrepreneur to have launched a housing project. It was in the mid 80s. The project sprawled across five acres of land, containing 100 units in Berhampur. People then were sceptical on the success of a clustered residential project. Many believe it wouldn’t click. The project, however, belied perception and expectation. It was an instant success. All units were stunningly sold in a space of a month. We made profits too. At that time, the public relations apparatus was in its infancy. Media presence was limited. But, as a rare success model, our project grabbed the headlines. So much so that became a talking point in the Odisha assembly! As a successful real estate promoter, I went on to be feted by Rajiv Gandhi.

Berhampur’s success enthused me. In the heart of Bhubaneswar at the Laxmi Sagar locality, I launched my first project titled Nilachakra Apartment. With the help of the state government that formulated new building laws, we redefined civic living and lifestyle in Odisha. Many memories went on but I never worked just to make money. In business, money counts. But what scores over your bottomline is the customer trust. And what you can pay back to the society that created and grew your business is no trivial matter. Twenty (20) per cent of our profit is devoted to the society’s welfare, especially the needy lot. Seven years back, we commenced the Akshaya Patra Foundation for devotees thronging the Jagannath Temple in Puri during ‘Rath Yatra’. Today, we are equally passionate to further our humanitarian goals with the blessings of Lord Jagannath.

My sense is that the real estate industry today needs to reclaim the trust of buyers at the first sight. And, build on the faith to leap ahead. ‘Be good to others and the rest is yours destiny’.

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