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Pledging for a Corrosion Free Ambience

Pledging for a Corrosion Free Ambience

This is the 19th National Conference on Corrosion Control. We have assembled here with the sole objective of containing corrosion which is eating into the vitals of our daily lives and killing us slowly. In a world of rampant urbanisation characterised by frenetic pace of infrastructure projects, we are faced with the menace of corrosion. This corrosion is also the prime reason for deterioration of steel that forms the crucial backbone of any stable infrastructure in the country.

True, technologies are evolving and developing. But combating corrosion has not been easy. To overcome this natural phenomenon of corrosion, we need a common platform comprising people, drawn from myriad walks and debate with some conclusive views. Bhubaneswar being the hub for scholars, technocrats, researchers, CEOs, is best suited to host event of this scale. Besides being the nucleus for ideas, this conference shall also strive to attract investors for a noble cause.

Our nation is blessed with a vast coastline running into 700 km or more. But the coastline is also vulnerable to corrosion. Coming to steel, or particularly the low-carbon steel, it has a very usable property of being turned into bars, construction of bridges, pipelines, making infrastructures etc. Apart from various applications, steel faces a number of challenges due to corrosion. Corrosion is just like a sow poison, which eats up slowly.

Realising the enormity of the problem, this conference is held by the National Corrosion Council of India, Karaikudi, in collaboration with the CSIR, Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Pipelines Division). This is being hosted by South Eastern Region Pipelines, Bhubaneswar. This South Eastern Region Pipelines is spread over a large area, with coastal refineries originating from Paradeep. Then we have the crude oil pipe lines which are supplying crude oil to places like Haldia, Baroni, etc. Similarly, we have LPG pipelines supplying areas like Bihar, Jharkhand etc. Also gas pipelines are likely to come to provide to the areas of Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and many other places.

So, we basically deal with producing and supplying petroleum products. This conference, expects a lot of hard work and good research papers from the people of Odisha, which can, in return, provide benefits to the country and to the state as well.

Corrosion has spread like a contagion to every sector of the world dealing with metals. Considering the pipelines, these cover very lengthy areas all over. The longevity and reliability of these pipelines depends upon the measures we are taking against corrosion. As pipelines are installed under the ground, corrosion affects them very easily because these are not visible over the surface. So, it is very important for all of us to organize such conferences to discuss new technologies, irrespective of metallurgy and some other aspects.

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