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“An Outlier in Poll Challenge”: Mohan Charan Majhi

By Dibyajit Sahu

Two-time BJP MLA from Keonjhar assembly constituency Mohan Charan Majhi has made it for the third time . The  legislator raced past his opponent from the BJD, thus reaffirming the confidence of his voters. A low-key politician, Majhi opens up before The Interview Times on his recent most calibarated success:-

  1. Keonjhar has known to be a firm BJD bastion. How did you manage a triumph in Keonjhar Sadar segment?

On the surface, it appears but the realities contradict this illusion. Look at the massive rise in BJP’s vote share across the state. BJP was always expected to be at the forefront during 2019 polls and this was vindicated in the party’s astounding performance. If you compare with 2014, we had won only one Lok Sabha seat, this time, it moved up to eight. Modi’s wave is magical. It contributed to my win alongside my deep connect with the people in the constituency. Strikingly, the growing inefficiencies of the BJD government and its high-handedness also sunk the ruling party’s fortunes. Their local party leadership is bizarre, devoid of any link with the grassroots. All these factors weighed heavily in my favour.

  1. How difficult was the battle right from the campaign to counting since you won with a slender margin?

You see it was a tough fight. The BJD has had been in power in the state for an uninterrupted 19 years. What the party lacked in performance was more than compensated by exploiting government machinery and money power to topple me. Yet, their shenanigans did not bear fruit and I had a successful contest. All credit has to be cornered by people in my constituency.

  1. In Keonjhar, you are the lone winner from BJP, rest of all seats including the Lok Sabha went to BJD. By contrast, the results in Mayurbhanj were opposite. What went wrong?

Look, our percentage of vote share has increased compare to the last elections but we have to introspect as a party. Besides, the misuse of election norms by the BJD and “Sana Sena” and their indulgence in heinous activities to retain power by all means diminished our influence. Though, they won back power, they were drubbed in the moral contest.

  1. Your victory is from a region replete with mineral resources. What is your gameplan to bring progress back on track?

Definitely, mining is the biggest strength of our district but unfortunately, no local residents have really been benefited from the mining resources. No jobs, no infrastructure development or no quality healthcare systems and of course, no quality education! Therefore, my top priority would be on these said areas. District Mineral Fund has to be disbursed and utilised properly for a mass uplifting.

  1. What is your personal take away from the recent victory?

I would say, in politics what matters the most is your dedicated personality that is only meant to be service oriented. Nothing else but your contributions are valued when you are given a mandate gives a clear signal of your political career graph. In conclusion, politics is a dynamic platform hence you have always up to it if you really want to be in the long-term politics otherwise you are just finished

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