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Stubborn but unstoppable in love making? Watch Kabir Singh

By Agnideepa Sarangi

They say love is natural, spontaneous. Break off from a pure, unalloyed relationship could only be accidental. The break-up triggers pain and trauma. Spirited efforts are need to rebuild your ravaged bonding. But your efforts need destiny’s sanction. In the end, its destiny that fashions the fate of any relationship- it determines if or not your love interest will blossom in life.

The flick Kabir Singh starts with a punch: “I’m a lover boy aur who meri bandi hai (she’s my girl).’’ This is the film’s leitmotif; it continues through the script. The hero has the author backed role. He is blunt and carries himself with an infectious swagger. Kabir Singh, though, is a renowned surgeon, the role essayed by Shahid Kapoor. Overcoming the constraints of his staid profession, the protagonist gets up close and personal with Prity, a starlet struggling for a foothold in tinsel town. The heroine’s character is played by Kaira Advani. When the lover boy loses his grip on the relationship, he turns alcoholic, takes to doping and is swirled by abusive habits.

The song “Bekhayali Main  bhi tera bhi khayal aye Kiynu bhichada na he jarurri Ehe Sabal aye…is not just perfectly timed and too played at the right part of movie accurately by the director Sandeep Vanga Reedy who also made the original “Arjun Reddy” in Telugu.

Regardless of the vulnerability of the character, Shahid tried everything to give justice to its compatibility as the passage of the movie goes in the dark side of an intense relationship where they both get debarred after his love interest gets married somewhere else. It’s not episodic because the duo had been in an intense relationship and their moments to intimacy were not easy to erase. It was Prity’s conservative family that foists the choice on her.

The lover boy sinks in suffering; his granny says suffering is pre-ordained. The granny played by Kamini Kaushal breathes life to evocative scenes. Shahid, too, has mastered in emoting, especially after a hiatus of eight months when he discovers his lady love Prity again. Prity delivers a predictable bombshell- she declares that she is pregnant. The hero shrugs it off ; claims he can manage everything in flesh and blood. This scene leads the audiences to the arrival of a ‘change avatar’ or so it feels- the lead character metamorphosing. Prity unleashes another shock- how she coped up with life after her husbanded deserted her on the third day of wedlock.

Shahid gets into the skin of the character; delivers a masterly performance which keeps the movie goers hooked and in a thrall. The film is emblematic of love: it’s an emotion too personal and pervasive and cannot be wished aside with a slice of hand. Love can dispense with loud chest thumping or flaunting of values that sicken. It is predicated solely on mutual understanding- faith and respect work in tandem to nurture it.

You may love or loath the lead character of the movie. But you can’t ignore Kabir Singh and Shahid Kapoor’s mesmerising performance. This is Shahid’s first solo film to have walked into the coveted Rs 100 crore club by the early weekend of its release. The film is a must for those who are still yearning for their first love and for whom physical or territorial separation has not dismantled the amorous .

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